• Samsung C N C Lathe PL15 - Swing over bed X Axis 450mm, Machining length Z Axis 525mm long, 6000 RPM top.
  • Excel Lathe, Model XL740 - 15in Centre Height x 30in Swing x 4mtrs between centres.
  • Niles Lathe - 10in Centre Height 15in Gap x 11ft between centre.
  • Mitchell Lathe - 10in Centre Height x 46in Swing in Gap x 11ft between centres.
  • Colchester Mascot 1600 Lathe x 2off - 9in Centre Height x 17in Swing x 8ft between centres (Digital Readout).
  • Dean Smith and Grace Centre Lathes x 2off - 6.5 Centre Height x 36in (Digital Readout).
  • Dean Smith and Grace Turret Lathe - 9in Centre Height x 30in between centres.
  • Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathes x 2off - 7.5in Centre Height x 15in Swing x 4ft between centres.


  • Hitachi C N C Machining Centre - X Axis 1000 mm, Y Axis 510mm, Z Axis 450mm.
  • Mechanicy Universal Mill - Table = 18in x 8ft 4in.
  • Beroxmill C.N.C. Miller - Table = 9in x 42in
  • Pinnacle Turret Miller - (with digital readout) Table = 10in x 54in.
  • Adcock Shipley Bridgeport x 2off - (with digital readout) Table 9in x 48in.
  • Beaver Turret Mill x 2off - (with digital readout) Table = 10in x 48in.
  • KRV 2000 Turret Mill - (with digital readout) Table = 15in x 6ft6in.
  • Cincinatti Miling Machine - (with digital readout) Table = 10in x 55in.
  • Pinnacle Turret Mill - Table = 10in x 50in with D.R.O.


Union Horizontal Borer - Table = 36in x 44in.

  • Juaristi Horizontal Borer - (with digital readout) Table = 24in x 36in.
  • Elliot Horizontal Miller - Table = 11in x 40in.


Butlers x 2off - Maximum 6in stroke 18in Stroke Shaper.


Cutting VB 18A Auto Horizontal Bandsaws x 2off.

  • Vertical Bandsaw.
  • Brown Cut - off Saw 14in diameter.
  • Startrite 250 Horizontal Saw.


Jones and Shipman Cylindrical - Table: 4in Centre Height x 30in.

  • Churchill Surface Grinder - Table: 8in x 36in.
  • Churchill Surface Grinder - Table 6in x 18in.
  • Pedestal Grinders x 4 off.
  • Linishing Machines x 2 off.


Archdale Radial Drill - 4ft arm x 3in diameter Maximum Drill Size.

  • Pedestal Drills x 2off.
  • Rotabore 50mm diameter.


Co2 Welding Sets x 5off.

  • Plasma Cutting Machine.
  • TIG Welder.
  • Gen.Weld Sets x 2off.
  • Compressors x 2off.
  • Oliver Brace Press - 6ft Maximum Width.
  • Guillotine - 8ft Wide x 0.25in Maximum.
  • 4" Dia Bending Rolls.


B.O.C. Cub Major.

  • Hancock's Straight Line Profile Cutter.

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